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Non Smoking Policy

Asquith Bowling & Recreation Club aims to encourage the reduction of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) and to promote smoke free areas within the club environment. We will comply with the Occupational Health & Safety Act 1983, the Smoke Free Environment Act 2000 and the Smoke Free Environment Regulation 2000.

Asquith Bowling & Recreation Club has a duty of care to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. Ongoing consultation and review will take place between representatives on the club’s Occupational Health & Safety committee and management to ensure that this duty of care is being achieved.

  • Asquith Bowling & Recreation Club is now ‘SMOKE FREE’ indoors. *

Smoking is permitted on the following Terraces: Outdoor Gaming Terrace (adjoining the gaming room) Outdoor Bowling Greens Terrace (adjacent to the TAB)

  • What is environmental tobacco smoke (ETS)? *

ETS is a combination of exhaled mainstream smoke and side stream smoke. Mainstream smoke is the smoke that smokers inhale directly from their cigarette. Exhaled mainstream is the smoke that smokers exhale.

Side stream smoke comes from the end of a lighted cigarette and contains much higher levels of many carcinogens and other toxic substances than exhaled mainstream smoke. Eighty five percent (85%) of ETS in an average room is side stream.

ETS has been found to be a potential irritant to eyes and respiratory tract and, to many people, has an offensive odour. It increases the chance of contracting or aggravating a range of illness including cardio-vascular disease, lung cancer, asthma, irritation of the respiratory tract, bronchitis and pneumonia.


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