Twilight Bowls

Enjoy our social bowls competition every Wednesday throughout Daylight Savings with a prize pool jackpot to be won. 

twlight-bowlsJust $10pp with some of the fees go towards the greens with the rest going towards prizes for the Best Card, Worst card, Lucky door prize and money to continue to increase the prize pool jackpot.


The Jackpot is drawn randomly each week.  A random number between 1 – 30 is drawn from a hat.  If the difference of the score between two of the teams competing on the night equals the lucky number, the jackpot goes off!  For example, Team X score 8 and Team Y score 20, the difference is 12.  If this is the number which is randomly drawn, then those two teams win the jackpot on the night.


Following bowls, stay and continue all the fun with our twilight meat raffle. raffle is drawn after the presentation around 8:30pm.


Find out more or book your spot through at Reception- 9477 1364