Jumping Castle Hire at Asquith Bowling Club


Asquith Bowling Club have a great jumping castle which is available for Hire.

Set up in our beautiful outdoor Beer Garden, it is ideal for Birthday Parties as well as hiring it in addition to Barefoot Bowling Parties, so the children will remain entertained.

Hiring the Jumping Castle is also an ideal option if large groups of families want to share the cost, so they can enjoy catching up in the Beer Garden while the kids have fun on the Jumping Castle

When hiring the Jumping Castle, there are a number of regulations and safety concerns we have to follow and implement to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Jumping Castle Operating Conditions:

  • The Jumping Castle is available for hire in 2 hour brackets. Hire costs include set up and pack up. 
  • The Jumping Castle will NOT run if the temperature rises above 35 degrees Celsius due to safety concerns for the children.
  • The Jumping Castle will not run in the rain or if rain is imminent.
  • Your child is your responsibility. Asquith Bowling Club will have a staff member around to ensure safe operation of the Jumping Castle; however, you are responsible for the behaviour of your child and need to supervise them at all times while on the jumping castle.
  • No food, drinks or shoes are permitted on the Jumping Castle
  • No climbing or sitting on top of inflatable walls.
  • Flips are not permitted to avoid injuries.
  • No sharp objects or glass are to be worn whilst on inflatable.

If you would like to book the Jumping Castle or receive further information, call 9477 1364 and speak to our Functions Coordinator.