Hot Weather Policy

  • Players, officials & spectators should be encouraged to wear hats or other head protection.


  • Water will be available at no charge from the bar, and outside from drinking fountains.


  • Sunscreen will be available at no charge


  • The club will endeavour to provide shelter around all greens


  • Between 31 to 35 when humidity exceeds 50% the controlling body will advise players of high risk of heat illness.


  • Above 36 when humidity exceeds 30% the controlling body will advise players, to continue they are at extreme risk of heat illness. At this stage players have the right to appeal against further play until the situation is reviewed.


  • When the heat stress index reaches 40 play will be suspended.


  • The heat stress will be determined by referring to the weather station and to the “feels like” temperature. This is a reflection of combined temperature and humidity.


  • If the weather station is non-operational, when the temperature reaches 38 degrees play shall be discontinued.


  • It will be at the discretion of the controlling body to determine whether to discontinue play prior to this. Factors to consider should include age and health of players and officials, weather conditions, humidity, and time spent on the greens. On hot days the respective controlling body will appoint a responsible person to monitor heat levels and advise players.


  • Remember at all times use common sense a game of bowls is not worth your health.





       11th November 2011

       For and On Behalf of the Board of Directors

       Asquith Bowling & Recreation Club




       David George

       Secretary Manager