Planning a successful Work Christmas Party


The time of year has come for Businesses to start thinking about their Work Christmas Party.

The Christmas Party is a great way to thank employees for their efforts throughout the year and if done well; it offers the opportunity to increase staff morale.


Here are 5 Simple Tips to plan a successful work Christmas Party


  1. Book Early


Many venues will start taking Christmas bookings from early September, so if you don’t get your booking in early, you may miss out. When assessing venues, take into account the likely number of people you will be having, to ensure there will be enough space.


  1. Determine the Date and Time


Most staff members look forward to the work Christmas Party, so when planning your party, it is important to take upcoming deadlines, work events and office closures into account. From there you can determine what time of the day works best for you depending on your budget and the type of party you are looking to throw.  Morning parties can less expensive, however take into consideration – what will happen after the party? Are you expecting staff to return to work? Lunch parties are a great way to get your staff to come into work and get a few solid work hours done before the afternoon off. If you are having an evening party, consider how employees can get to the function. Is it a local Christmas Party Venue or will they need transport and if so, will you provide this or is transport easily accessible from your location?


  1. Decide on the type of party.


Consider what type of party you would like to throw. Will it be employees only? Partners Included or Plus Family? If you are looking to invite staff family members, finding a family friendly venue would be a top priority. If you are looking to improve staff relations, look for a venue offering team building entertainment. Venues with outdoor games like Barefoot Bowling can ensure your team have fun and work together in the process. If you would like to incorporate a presentation or conference before the end of year party, ensure you find a venue that satisfies the requirements for the conference as well as the actual Christmas Party. Perhaps if you are just looking for a fun; let your hair down, party, a venue with a Courtesy Bus or close to public transport is ideal.


  1. Determine the Budget for the Party


The budget for the party is likely to determine many of the requirements. If you have a large office and a limited budget, a short cocktail party may be better suited than a sit down lunch or dinner. If you have a small office, a lunch or dinner may be ideal to relax and build relationships. Depending on your objectives above, you can access the party venues to determine if they have the space, entertainment options and more.


  1. Communicate to Staff to set Party Expectations


A successful party is more likely to transpire if staff members understand what you are offering, and what they need to organise or do in return to get to and from the party, with work hours etc.


  1. Enjoy the Party


Having a great Christmas Party Venue is the first step in enjoying your party.  Ensure that you communicate with them beforehand to have everything that you need organised and ready for your party. If ordering catering at the venue, ensure they are aware of any special dietary concerns. If organising entertainment, determine what you need to provide or will they do everything?


We hope that these simple Christmas Party Tips will ensure you plan a successful Christmas Party.



These tips provided by Lorraine Salvi. Lorraine is the Marketing and Events Manager at Asquith Bowling Club a local Christmas Party Venue near Hornsby. Asquith Bowling Club can help your Christmas Party be successful with a range of party options; from all day conferences to Barefoot Bowling Parties and everything in-between. For further information, please contact 9477 1364 or